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Voiceover is my passion...

... well it's certainly one of my passions, along with my wife, children, and tending to my apple and cherry trees. 

Since embarking on my voice acting journey I have invested countless hours in coaching, up-skilling my audio production skills, and building a professional home studio.

I've been told my voice is one you can trust. That it's resonant in a way that doesn't come off sounding arrogant. It's natural, credible, kind, and sincere. I have a background in business and government and naturally bring a credible, professional tone that projects truth and respect.

I'm based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, have a global perspective and am willing to support projects around the globe. 

Contact me today and let's get to work!

Grounded | Sincere | Trustworthy | Earnest | Professional | Intelligent | Heartfelt 

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